ThaiHealth welcomes Public Health delegations from the Maldives and Bhutan


ThaiHealth welcomes Public Health delegations from the Maldives and Bhutan

ThaiHealth’s International Affairs Office has been contacted by the Non-Communicable Disease Division, Department of Disease Control, Public Health Ministry, in brining in a study visit groups from the Republic of Maldives and the Kingdom of Bhutan.


A total of 19-strong delegation participated in the study tour at ThaiHealth on November 13, 2019 from 0900-1500 hrs. The study visit at ThaiHealth is a part of the workshop for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and clinical services at the primary level (The Project of Non-Communicable Diseases Management in Primary Health Care ). With the project receiving financial support from the World Health Organisation with the objective of developing and strengthening the potential, exchanging knowledge and experience in the suppression and prevention of non-communicable diseases in Thailand. Apart from the objectives envisaged, there were additional key issues that needed to be learnt from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, which are:


  • Organisation for health promotion, and health promotion effort to eradicate and prevent non-communicable diseases.


    • Tobacco control plan, alcohol control plan, healthy diet, and promotion of physical activities.


    • Fund management for health promotion.



In the commencement of the study visit, Mr Rangsan Munkong, an international relations expert, welcomed the visiting delegation, introduced ThaiHealth in brief, exchanged and listened to the objectives and expectations of the study visit participants, along with a video presentation to introduce ThaiHealth as an organisation. Mr Rangsan presented the overview of the ThaiHealth’s work as a model organisation for health promotion in Thailand and around the world. He also delivered a speech on the organisation’s master plan, and the use of the mountain-moving triangle strategy, as well as ThaiHealth’s role in the effort to prevent chronic non-communicable diseases in Thailand through health promotion projects in all dimensions.


In the afternoon, the International Affairs Office organised a field trip to the special exhibition to celebrate 15th anniversary of ThaiHealth and the Green Building. The result of the study visit was that there was an exchange of knowledge and working culture in the field of joint health promotion in both the Maldives, Bhutan and Thailand, especially on the management of chronic non-communicable diseases. The delegation expressed interests that they would apply the knowledge acquired to further the work of their own countries. The visiting delegation also experienced the workplace environment that allows personnel to work efficiently through health promotion, such as having green spaces in the building, encouraging members of staff to use stairs to ascend and descend the building instead of using lifts. The Health Tech Exhibition recognises the application of modern technology to create health promotion on the daily basis, including the achievements attained through working with network partners.



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