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The emergence of digital technology has contributed to more media channels and access to new forms of media, with the number of Thai internet users increasing from 6 million in 2003 to 26 million in2013, with 18 million directly related to social media.

However, equality in media access is a lingering issue, with media access limited to a few groups. A proportion of media consumers cannot access certain forms of news and information, whether due to disability, physical limitations, or social disadvantages. This may be considered as unfair toward the rights of radio and television media consumers. However, even though there are an increasing number of media channels, there is no corresponding increase in the number of Thai media operators providing content for learning, social development, and child development. Research also indicates that there are significant ethical problems among the Thai media.


Therefore, a reduction in the inequality of media access by all consumers should be addressed. The civil society sector should also encourage media operators to develop the quality of their content and provide more information about health risk factors. This may prove as an important focal point for developing high-quality media content.

Focus Areas of Plan

1) Support for everyone with the capability to access healthy media and spiritual health pathways should be an area of focus. The plan focuses on the following target groups: children, youth, families, elderly people, and underprivileged individuals.

2) There are four main focal areas to promote availability of environmental factors conducive to promoting healthy media and spiritual health pathways as follows:

Development of media and activities to promote healthy media systems and spiritual health pathways.
Development of creative media channels in local areas or communities, establishment of venues to learn about spiritual health pathways, and promotion of local partners and organizations in expanding spiritual health venues and creative media in urban areas and communities.
Development and enhancement of health communicators (including media producers and consumers).
Advocacy for policies promoting healthy media and spiritual health pathways.

3) ThaiHealth’s direction and ten target issues are driven through the development of healthy media systems and spiritual health pathways to help people achieve healthy lifestyles and intellectual growth. Health issues are being linked to drive work implementation through healthy media and spiritual health pathways. Support is being provided for the spiritual health dimension in work of ThaiHealth partnership networks, in order to create strong change agents and spiritual growth for networks that function as health communicators.

4) Emphasis is placed on families, infant development centers, and schools for healthy lifestyle promotion. A focus is placed on media awareness, health, spirituality, and the selection of venues that are in accordance with ThaiHealth work plans.

                       At this day, the communication technology has taken us to the full-blown digital society. There are a wide range of high-technology devices that make our lives so practical, especially in terms of scientific advancement, and most importantly, in medicine and public health. They enable us to have good health, and good medical treatment, which lead to better human lifespan.                        While the birth rate is on the decrease, the proportion of the elderly in the society soars. The elderly in the digital era like now must be well-cared and be prepared, because the elderly care is not limited to just healthcare, but it also covers the issues of economy, society, and environment.                          The Healthy Community Network under ThaiHealth’s Healthy Community Strengthening Section, has continuously been pushing its efforts in developing the “Location-based elderly care system” with the network nationwide, by organising a workshop to develop the community health framework. With collaboration of 371 local administrative bodies from 59 provinces, ThaiHealth was prepared to leap on a proactive stance to promote good health in six aspects, which are alcohol- and accident-free community, community agriculture for food, smoke-free community, waste...

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