Bilateral Meeting between ThaiHealth and WHO Department of Health Promotion on Advancing Well-being and Health Promotion Agenda

                   On 29 May 2024, 16.15-17.00 at WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, Dr.Pairoj Saonuam, Deputy CEO of ThaiHealth and Mr.Rungsun Munkong, International Relation Expert, ThaiHealth together with Dr.Preeda Tae-arak, Deputy Secretary-General, National Health Commission Office (NHCO) met with WHO Department of Health Promotion, led by Dr.Rudiger Krech, Director and his team.

                    ThaiHealth updated on its movement to build awareness and common understanding of health and well-being concept in alignment with WHO Global Framework on well-being and health promotion. The meeting also focused on the future collaboration between ThaiHealth and WHO to advance health promotion in Thailand and other developing countries.

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