All for One, One for All – Against CoVid-19

Amidst the crisis of CoVid-19 pandemic that adversely affects the entire planet, Thailand, one of the hotspots in concern, realised the height of this worldwide threat and strive to conduct monitoring, vigilance, and screening within the nation to cope with the upward trend of the infection.

All for One, One for All - Against CoVid-19 thaihealth

In order to quickly put the society in control in swift motion, the Municipality of Wapi Pathum – one of ThaiHealth’s healthy community network and one of Thailand’s communities that serves as the centre of the region where people commute to and from to conduct businesses – has initiated a healthy community project and strict health monitoring with the following measures:


Urged public awareness in how to live in the community with people of no risk and people with risk of infection.

Provided mobile washbasins made from recycled waste to give people places to wash their hands on a regular basis.

Installed a newly-invented innovation of “Full-Body Treatment Chamber for CoVid-19” in the community with the use of mild acidic water with quality of eradicating 99% of bacteria, microbes, and viruses in place of isopropyl alcohol.

All for One, One for All - Against CoVid-19 thaihealth

These are the kind of strength we see in this healthy community of Wapi Pathum Municipality, supported by ThaiHealth’s budget to reduce risk factors and increase health factors. The same project is also conducted in 15 other local administrations across the country.


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