Leaders in the New Era of Work

As the World Changes Every Minute..

                    In the era of digital disruption where technology and social media are increasingly reshaping people’s lifestyles and work practices in the old world almost entirely, everything has become increasingly complex and challenges constantly arise. We are well aware that in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, everything has changed drastically. Work lifestyles in this new era have completely transformed, and simultaneously complex health issues and limitations in various facets of life have emerged. These pose challenges to work in the present era.

                     The key to working in every organization striving to address complex issues to achieve favorable outcomes resonating with the current global context and leading to the intended goals lies in “leaders”. This poses a question about what vision and skills the leaders of the BANI World era, filled with various challenges, should possess in order to lead the organizations towards success. Let’s explore them through the perspective of the Manager of the Health Promotion Support Fund (ThaiHealth) and the Director of the Partnership and International Relations Section (PIRS).

Working with Happiness: The Key to Being a Leader in the New Era…

                     Dr. Pongthep Wongwatcharapaiboon, the Manager of the Health Promotion Support Fund (ThaiHealth), shared an interesting perspective on being a leader in the new era, stating that “… The BANI World is filled with complexity and difficult to understand. Everything can change easily. To navigate working in this new era, leaders must be equipped with not only competence or abilities, but also a good mindset, a positive attitude, be aware of their weaknesses and strengths, and, more importantly, find happiness within themselves. This is because happiness serves as the key element; it involves directing energy to steer every aspect towards success effectively.”   

“Leaders”: The Core of Transforming Organizations towards Success…

                     “Leadership is about earning respect. People tend to follow those who are stronger. Essentially, a leader is a person whom others want to follow,” a touching quote from the Manager of the Health Promotion Support Fund. “…To bring about change and drive the organization forward, the “leader” is the key. If we want to make any changes and achieve positive results, leaders must be in people’s hearts. They must constantly develop their skills and abilities in order for others to accept them. This is due to the fact that people will always follow those who are stronger. Simply put, they do not blindly follow leaders. Instead, they follow those whom they respect as leaders since they are confident that stronger individuals can lead the organizations to success.

Collective internship is a form of collaborative work among leaders. To address complex social issues effectively, it is necessary to provide opportunities for individuals with different abilities to work together, brainstorm ideas, and coordinate their efforts, contributing to effective problem-solving and fostering positive social change. As the saying goes, “No great achievement is possible without a great team,says Dr. Pongthep.

“Communication”: A Crucial Skill for Leaders in the New Era…

                                 Dr. Nuttapun Supaka, Director of the Partnership and International Relations Section (PIRS), discussed the important attributes of working in the new era. “…Even though everything is changing, leaders must possess good communication skills to drive the organizations towards their goals. Effective communication enables smooth collaboration and a better understanding of needs among directors, supervisors, and co-workers, fostering a shared understanding of the organizations’ goals. It also helps promote a clearer understanding of the problems at hand. Additionally, good communication helps build good relationships, impressions, and trust between individuals,” says Dr. Nuttapun.

                      As the world moves forward, leaders must move along. The key element that connects everything harmoniously is the leader. Regardless of the world’s changes, every leader should develop their potential and abilities continuously. In addition, they must adapt their work to be in line with the times, develop systematic approaches to management, provide opportunities for the personnel in the organization, and empower them. This must be done to strive towards common goals and bring about positive transformations together.

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