ThaiHealth Advances Sodium Reduction Strategies, Shares Key Lessons on Alcohol Control Policy, Discusses Health Promotion Approaches, and Seeks Collaboration with Other Member States to Enhance Health Initiatives at the 77th World Health Assembly

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), led by Dr.Pongthep Wongwatcharapaiboon, CEO of ThaiHealth, along with Dr. Pairoj Saonuam , Deputy CEO, attended the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA77) and related activities from May 26 to June 1, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland along with representatives from 194 member states.  ThaiHealth contributed as a part of Thailand team in WHA77 by sharing experiences in promoting sodium reduction strategies, sharing key lessons on alcohol control policies, discussing health promotion approaches, and joining efforts with other member states to advance health initiatives. This world health assembly focused on key global issues amidst growing challenges.

Dr. Pongthep shared that the key topics discussed with the member states at WHA77 included:

  1. Achieving the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030, with a focus on implementation and social participation, enhancing primary healthcare systems, and ensuring access to comprehensive health services to achieve health equity;
  2. Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), with the member states discussing new strategies to prevent and control NCDs;
  3. Strengthening health systems to prepare for and respond to future pandemics and addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) issues;
  4. Expanding access to mental health services, especially for children and adolescents, with the assembly endorsing a global action plan to promote mental health and prevent suicide; and
  5. Addressing climate change affecting public health, with the assembly discussing strategies to mitigate the adverse health effects of climate change.

The Ministry of Public Health, representing the Thai government at the World Health Assembly, underscored the essential principles of advancing public health to achieve health equity according to the theme “All for Health, Health for All.” Additionally, Thailand is prepared to adopt innovations in digital health promotion to improve technology use and efficiency and aimed to join efforts with other member states and WHO in conducting health research and developing health initiatives.

“ThaiHealth also joined various activities and forums related to WHA77, such displaying a booth exhibition to showcase Thailand’s key healthy lifestyes in  the 5th WHO Walk the Talk: Health for All Challenge. The walk-and-run activity hosted by WHO on 26 May, 2024, aimed to promote healthy lifestyles and well-being for all. This contribution aligned with Thailand’s role as the chair of the Foreign Policy and Global Health initiative in2024, where “health promotion” is the highlighted theme under our chairmanship. Thailand demonstrated their commitment to collaborating with other member states, WHO, and other stakeholders to use health promotion as a key pathway to sustainable well-being for all.

In addition, ThaiHealth presented strategies, innovations, and challenges in sodium reduction in a side event of WHA77. Thailand is internationally recognized as a leading country in Asia for efforts in advancing sodium reduction, according to the national strategy “Reducing Sodium Intake in Thailand 2016-2025.”. Additionally, ThailHealth attended a bilateral meeting with WHO’s Department of Health Promotion, discussing Thailand’s progress in implementing the “WHO Global Framework on Well-being and Health Promotion and  exploring future collaborative areas between ThaiHealth and WHO. Moreover, ThaiHealth participated in the WHA77 side event on “Tracking Global Alcohol Control Policy Progress,” in which each country shares their progress and challenges in developing and advancing alcohol control policies in alignment with the WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan 2022–2030. In this session, ThaiHealth urged the member countries, the WHO, and other international organizations to advocate for an international legal instrument for alcohol control to strengthen national policies and measures,” said the CEO of ThaiHealth.


The 77th World Health Assembly reflected the commitment of all member states and partners to joining efforts in addressing the health challenges facing the world. Resolutions and decsioons of WHA77 approved by the member states would serve as a practical directives and guidance towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals and advancing health and well-being for all global citizens.

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