What do Thailand and Thai people benefit from the new Tobacco Products Control Act?

What do Thailand and Thai people benefit from the new Tobacco Products Control Act?

– The articles in this new draft of the act will help reduce the number of new tobacco addicts. Developed from the currently enforced act, the proposed act has been updated so that it meets with the current marketing strategies of the cigarette industry, and is expected to address the issue of limiting the youngsters’ access to cigarettes that the current law does not cover.


– The new measures in the proposed act supports the notion of no smoking, and encourages more smokers to quit smoking which eventually leads to better health. Furthermore, the government will also have to pay less to cure those suffering from diseases caused by cigarette smoking.


– All measures in the proposed act are in compliance with the international obligations under World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control that is signed by 180 member countries. It is a display of government’s sincerity in its attempt to protect Thai people from the adverse effects of tobacco and second-hand smoke according to the convention’s intentions.


Probable impacts on tobacco businesses and stakeholders


– Cigarette market will remain stable or will gradually be downsized, and cigarette producers and importers will have more difficulty in expanding their markets, which shows a good sign for Thai youth, even if it stunts the profit growth of cigarette businesses.


– Cigarette retailers will be affected by drops of sales in a very minimal manner as the proposed act is just an amendment only in the parts of advertisement and sales promotion of cigarette products. The only new rules that directly affect retailers are the prohibition of sales of unpackaged cigarette, increased age restriction for cigarette buyers, and the display of point of sales.


– The draft of the new Tobacco Products Control Act does not contain articles or measures to control tobacco planting or trading. Tobacco planters are not directly affected by the proposed act whatsoever.


– The proposed act does not contain any article that contradicts the World Trade Organisation’s international obligations.


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