Health Promotion in Organizations Plan

At present, Thailand has more than 400,000 workplaces and over 11 million workers under the Social Security Scheme. There are slightly more female than male workers. Up to 8% of workers are older than 60. Changing economic and social conditions have contributed to physical and mental health problems among workers, some of whom work 10-12 hours a day but are still unable to earn sufficient income.. In addition, many workers have insufficient time to care for their families. These risky health conditions contribute to higher incidence of diabetes, stroke, cardiac illness, hypertension, and cancer. 


Focus Areas of Plan 

1) Stimulation of public policies on quality-of-life promotion in the workplace. 


2) Development of mechanisms to promote health in workplaces and support workplace functions.  


3) Development  of leadership skills and capacity building for partnership networks.


4) Creation of model health workplaces to leverage knowledge capital, innovation, and research and development. 


5) Development of monitoring and evaluation systems to measure outcomes in accordance with ThaiHealth’s 10-year strategy, and to gain information for future planning and development.


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