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We welcome visiting groups on request. Study visit usually takes about 3 hours at ThaiHealth Center.
During the visit, you will learn about how ThaiHealth works and operates as an innovative enabler to enhance health promotion in Thailand, as well as achievements made so far by ThaiHealth and its partners.

If you are interested in visiting ThaiHealth, please download and fill in the Visit Request and List of Participants in the forms provided in the links below.

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  • I have had the opportunity on three different occasions of bringing students from my university to Thai Health Promotion Foundation for study visits. Every time, we receive excellent orientation and training on important aspects of ThaiHealth’s challenges and innovation approach.

    I recommend this opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about health promotion and their experiences. It is a wonderful opportunity.

    Thank you for this visit. I look forward to seeing you in the future.

    Dr. Randy M. Page
    Brigham Young University
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    No organization
  • This exhibition has the goal of inspiring people to become aware of their own positive capacity to create a life filled with well-being. The process begins with the stimulation of a visitor’s senses to encourage them to gain awareness of their inner voice followed by the presentation of a film that will spark energy and inspiration for that person to follow their dreams.

  • In this exhibition, visitors can participate in expressing their opinions to help build a society with increased well-being
    at the positive energy wall. Visitors can also write down their hopes, dreams and aspirations on a touchscreen table PC.The next area features information about ThaiHealth’s partnership networks, categorized into 7 groups based on the interest of visitors. These partners are presented through multimedia packages stored in 7 traveling cases.

  • This exhibition features the history and mission of ThaiHealth since its initiation.
    Various media used by ThaiHealth on its campaigns are also on display, in order to allow visitors to see behind the scene of ThaiHealth’s success, and its attempt to create a healthy society.

  • Our special exhibition changes every 3 months, with themes related to health promotion
    and social well-being.